Get Involved

Get Involved

If you like what Kate stands for and want to help elect her, we would love you for you to be part of the team! We welcome any kind of help and are grateful for every contribution whether it’s writing a check, volunteering in the campaign office, adding your name to our list of endorsements, hosting an event, or telling your local network (in person or on social media) about Kate and what she wants to do for Minnesota District 32.  Please choose how you can help below!


Whether you have a few hours, a free day, or one day a week, you can help elect Kate to the Minnesota State Senate. Contact us to get involved!

Stay Updated

Stay up-to-date on news, events, and other things you’ll want to know related to Kate’s campaign. 

Upcoming Events

Follow us on Facebook to see more upcoming events! If you don’t have Facebook and want to register for an event, reach out directly at

Press Packet

Get the latest press-ready statement from Kate.


Kate will be a strong advocate for District 32 in the MN Senate but we need to win this election first. Your donation can help make that a reality!

MN residents that donate $50 singly or $100 as a married couple annually can get a full refund from the state of Minnesota. Here’s how it works:

1.   Donate to Kate’s campaign

2.   If you and your spouse are donating jointly, add their name.

4.   Our treasurer will mail you the EP-3 form and instructions.

5.   Fill it out, send it in, and you’re done!

If you have other questions send Rob our treasurer an email at or call 651.895.7826.

Any donation is appreciated!