Public Education

Education solves problems, every kid deserves an education. Funding for education is effectively blocked by our Senate’s miserly allocation and falls further and further behind inflation which in turn creates growing inequities among our state’s children.

Because the Senate approves little or no increase in funding each year, individual districts attempt to make up the shortfall by voter-approved levies on property. Some levies pass, some don’t. The ones that pass provide more funding for teachers and programs; the ones that fail cause communities to lose teachers to budget cuts and lower pay. Increasing disparities in funding among districts create disparities in education among our children.

I will work to create a simpler, fairer formula for funding education. I will vote to fund education so that it at least stays current with inflation. I will vote to fund the unfunded mandates that stress our education budget. And I will work to ensure that all kids in Minnesota have the same access to education.

Reproductive Rights and Freedom of Choice

I believe that a woman’s body and a woman’s personal medical decisions belong to her. Every woman should have access to medical care that supports her decisions. I believe that we need to protect women’s autonomy and rights everywhere it is being threatened.
As the battle for reproductive rights appears to be moving to the state level, it is more important than ever to elect senators who value and uphold those principles.

“The emphasis must be not on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control.”

—Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Our Community

As your senator, I’ll advocate for you on projects and issues that enhance and protect our community. 

Highway 65 is our top local priority. We need to complete the project to continue the growth of our community and to enhance the safety of those who live, work, and drive (or sit in traffic) on this major trunk road.  As your senator, I will work on securing funding and coordinating with the network of organizations responsible for our roads.


We cannot ignore the flaws in our system that lead to unequal treatment and opportunity. There are no easy answers, but I’ll ask the hard questions about why each law, policy, and procedure was designed to benefit or penalize those most affected. I promise to listen, to consult with citizen stakeholders, and to work for a better Minnesota we’re all proud to call home. None of us should live in fear, none of us should feel that our horizons are limited, and none of us should feel preyed upon because of who, how, or where we were born.

Hunting, Fishing, and Firearms

Most things in my world circle back to education. I believe in responsible ownership of guns supported by permits and education focused on safety and security.

Safety and Economy

These two issues are at the top of our minds and they are perpetual concerns in our modern world.  They are also not simple issues that can be solved with a political slogan.  Instead of ‘admiring the problem’ I propose we work on root causes and pass legislation to strengthen the safety net so we can stand strong through this period of inflation and grow beyond.

For Inflation and the economy, I will work to
  • Pass price gouging legislation
  • Remove tax on Social Security 
  • Reduce costs for prescriptions
  • Focus tax relief on those that need it most, not just the top 5%
For Safety I will work to
  • Form partnerships with all to zero in on needs from all sides
  • Pass legislation to create juvenal mental health correction facilities
  • Support Schools and trade programs
  • Work to strengthen our mental health and social services 

If you like what Kate stands for and want to help elect her, we would love you for you to be part of the team!